It’s OK to set the bar high.
We do.
Intelligence, achievement, service and integrity.
You will need them all to be SingledIn.

We tried all the dating apps.
And we decided to make some radical changes.

  • Our application  process is more selective than a top-tier university.
    We look at your community service, education, career progression and social footprint. Have them all and you will be Singled IN.
  • Our membership expectations are the highest anywhere.
    Too many right swipes, forget to respond to a match, lame chats. All will be reflected in your public decorum score. When it gets too low you are Singled OUT and removed from the community.
  • Our members  have a sense of purpose.
    We give you 24 months on our platform. Use your time wisely. You will never get it back.

Background Check

We check criminal history and verify identity of every accepted applicant.



Our selection process has nothing to do with being wealthy or elite. Service, accomplishment, intelligence and good citizenship are what we look for.


Mandatory Decorum

Every member’s profile is accompanied by their current decorum score for everyone to see.


Sense of Purpose

While it would be profitable to keep you on a dating hamster wheel, we’ve decided to focus more on relationships and less on hooking up.


If you’ve made it this far, we think you just might.

Text yourself the app now and apply today:

Frequently Asked Questions

01What cities are currently active for SingledIn?

We are launching SingledIn in New York City in October, 2018. We are currently accepting applications and we will send a text to all accepted applicants on October 1, 2018 and the app will then go live. We will announce the second active city soon. Please do not apply for membership in SingledIn unless you live in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island or The Bronx.

02Is my LinkedIn username and password safe with you?

LinkedIn does not give us access to your username and password so there is no risk. Linkedin provides us with a portal that allows us to link to your profile without us ever seeing or knowing your user credentials. We never have access to you username or password at any point during this process.

03Can people on LinkedIn see that I’m using SingledIn?

No. Nor will we tell anyone.

04Do you have access to my Linkedin contacts?

No. We don’t have access to any of your Linkedin contacts or their email addresses. Nor do we email or notify anyone that you’ve signed up for SingledIn.

05Why do I need to apply with Linkedin?

By applying through your Linkedin account we can quickly begin to set up your profile without having you input all the data manually. More important, it provides us with verification of your identity, employment, education, community service and accomplishments. Your Linkedin profile is one of the most important factors that our Acceptance Committee considers during your application process.

06Why do you limit membership to 24 months?

There are many dating apps that encourage a never-ending hamster wheel of dates and hook-ups. By giving each member 24 months, we are making a statement about our dating platform. If you’re not serious about finding a standout partner, then SingledIn is not for you. We’ve done the hard work of bringing together the best and brightest. And if you’re focused and serious we feel 24 months is plenty of time to find your forever partner. We’re that confident in our members.

07What is a Decorum Score?

Your Decorum Score is a measurement of your behavior on SingledIn. It is a publicly facing metric that is prominently displayed on each member’s profile screen. It’s meant to be a signal to people regarding how serious, polite and focused you are on finding a great partner. We’ve interviewed dozens of people regarding modern digital dating behavior and our Decorum Score measures the actions that matter most. For example if you swipe right on every potential match, then we feel you’re not truly considering each potential match individually. Or if you never respond to someone after you’ve both swiped right, we feel that’s rude. We expect that all members will act with integrity, compassion and exemplary manners. We measure over a dozen behaviors and if your Decorum Score slips too low you will be warned once and then Singled-OUT of our platform.

08How much does it cost per month to be a SingledIn member?

Once admitted we offer monthly membership options ranging from $20-$35 per month depending on your length of commitment.

09When will I hear back from you regarding my application?

It takes between 7 and 10 days to complete our review of your application.

10Why is SingledIn getting so much hype?

Great question! We’ve spent the past 2 years researching all the major dating apps, talking to singles and creating a better platform. We start with a modest application fee that deters the creepers. Then we run a full background check to verify an applicant’s identity and criminal history. This weeds out the fakes and the bad guys. After that our Acceptance Committee does a thorough review of each applicant and admits a modest percentage of the best and brightest. Once admitted we hold all members to the highest decorum standards by measuring your behavior and providing a public Decorum Score that must be maintained at a high level. Finally, we only give each member 24 months on our platform, which creates a sense of urgency. No other dating app comes close to providing this type of focused, courteous, sophisticated experience.

11Is this another elitist dating app?

Depends on how you define ‘elite’. We are looking for outstanding people who are citizens of the world. This has nothing to do with wealth or beauty and everything to do with achievement, sense-of-purpose, charity and decorum. That’s our definition of elite.

12Why does it cost $9 to apply to SingledIn?

Our $9 application fee pays primarily for the cost of running a criminal background check and verifying each applicant’s identity. We also feel that the $9 is the perfect amount to deter people who aren’t really serious about joining a relationship-focused dating app.

13Is the $9 application fee refundable?

No. It’s similar to applying to college. If you don’t get accepted you don’t get the application fee returned. And if you do get accepted you still don’t get the application fee returned.

14What is

Checkr is the third-party company that runs our background checks. They provide us two major pieces of data: first they verify each applicant’s identity and second they provide a thorough review of each applicant’s criminal history.  

15Who gets accepted to SingledIn?

There is no single type of person who gets admitted to SingledIn. We search for the best and brightest. We look for people with a sense of purpose. We look at what you’re doing for your community. We look at your career trajectory. We check your social media footprint and even check to see the kinds of people and activities you’re interested in. Our process has nothing to do with how wealthy you are, how beautiful you are or how enviable your Instagram posts are. In order to be ‘Singled-In’ you truly need to stand out as someone who is making an imprint on the world.  

16What percentage of applicants are admitted?

While we do not disclose our acceptance rate, we can tell you that it is lower than many top colleges.