When online dating was invented way back in 1995 there was no such thing as a social network. No one had yet pondered the social graph and the power that the Internet had to connect people. As a result, online dating was created in the likeness of newspaper personal ads; anonymous, random, inefficient and often times scary. Fast forward two decades and social networking has revolutionized the way we connect. Facebook, Pinterest and Linkedin have changed the way we nurture our relationships both personally and professionally.

Despite this evolution in the way people connect on the Internet, online dating has not evolved. Why is this? One word...profits. Simply put, it's more profitable for the big dating companies to have you spinning on a hamster wheel instead of finding your true love.

Think of it this way: You're single. You have single friends. And they have single friends. Isn't it time you connected with these people instead of swimming underwater with your eyes closed in the big, ugly, anonymous dating pool? After all, the best way to meet quality people is through your friends.

If you're tired of all the mismatches in online and mobile dating, then you're ready for Singledin. Singledin combines the best features of your favorite social networks with powerful networking and matching algorithms. We'll help connect you with single people you probably already know. Then we'll connect you with their single friends and you can start meeting and dating great people who share your background and interests. You create profiles like pinboards based on images of the things you enjoy. People flirt with you by hitting 'Like' or by commenting on your posts. This is the way you're used to communicating online and it's much more natural than goofy quizzes, equations and 'About Me' paragraphs.

Other dating sites focus on marketing gimmicks and making false promises about their ability to magically solve the dating and relationship equation. We think they're missing the point. More often than not, truly great relationships start when you meet people within your own social circle who share common interests, backgrounds and a common extended network of friends.

If you think we're right, then join us and stop the mismatches.